Karla Mondragón

It is a great Clay, clean your face perfectly and without drying a lot, try it!!!

Chiara Taurino

I'm using your wonderful bentonite clay, what to say, excellent product. Leave the skin clean, bright, it's helping me so much to fight the excess sebum problem. For Mixed Skin, impure and acne is a real panacea. Congratulations!!

Katia Montomoli

What to say wonderful product, easy to apply and to remove, leave on the skin a pleasant feeling of well -

Nicole Curioni

It left my skin very soft! Excellent to remove the "fat" indeed after rinsing the mask my skin was no longer shiny but had a nice matte effect! I'll try it on the hair too

Emilia Lo Re

Amazing Mask!!!! Absorbs well the sebum skin purified smoother and soft just amazing

Emilia Lo Re

This morning I dedicate myself to skin care with a very interesting and effective Lotus Bentonite Clay Mask Mask to the pure clay (Bentonite) that comes from afar (India) fresh on the skin, easy to remove and that gives a clean and polished skin
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